Four PhD Scholarships Available

Ammar Wadullah Figure 2

QEERI-Curtin Corrosion Research Alliance.

The new QEERI-Curtin Alliance in Corrosion is an exciting new joint project between the Corrosion Centres at Qatar Environment and Energy Institute and Curtin University. Four HDR scholarships are available under this agreement. The selected candidates will work on four strategic corrosion and materials science projects in the following areas: acid gas corrosion, coating degradation, corrosion under insulation, and microbiologically influenced corrosion.

The four research themes are:

The students will work with a team of renown scholars and engineers both in Perth and Doha.

Important Dates

  • HDR Scholarships: the application deadline is 29 of June 2020.  

How to Apply to the HDR Scholarships?

Please visit our official Scholarship page to find out more.